Blue Skies Music Festival and Cultural Centre has been fundraising and accepting donations to support the 2021 festival musicians whose income has suffered from live venues being shut due to the pandemic. Ticket sales are the festival’s main source of income, so we agreed that pay what you can donations and fundraising events are our … Read more

Join the Blue Skies campfire jams and Open Stage

We’re asking all interested musicians to contribute a song or a tune for Virtual campfires and Open Stage performances last day for uploading to YouTube is July 29th.  Two fabulous volunteers have offered to host: Linda Grenier is looking after Open Stage and Michael Griffin is looking after Campfire Jams. We’re asking all interested musicians … Read more

Getting Ready for Blue Skies 50th!

Is it a semi-centennial? Or a demi-centennial? Or maybe a hemi-centennial? Whatever it is, it’s Blue Skies 50 and it’s coming up fast. In 2023 we’ll be celebrating 50 years of Blue Skies and we’re not going to let that slip by quietly. Time to raise a hoopla. Here’s what is happening so far. -Virtual Festival Workshops- Six Word … Read more

2021 T-Shirts

Designs have now been selected for the 2021 Blue Skies T-Shirts! Follow this link to visit the virtual t-shirt store! Here are the two fabulous design selections for this year, and SOME examples of the styles of shirts available to order: New this year: As a fundraiser for this year’s virtual festival, select vintage … Read more


WE WANT YOU! Volunteer for one of the tasks during the festival. Many hands are needed to keep everything running oh so smoothly, contact Tracy Scott at Let us know what skills you have! If you are someone who is at all social media savvy, speak up and lend a hand! If you are someone … Read more