Polarity Thinking – Host: Jeremy Walker

August 1, 2021, 1:00 pm

Welcome personal growth geeks, relationship warriors, and curious explorers of life! In this interactive workshop, certified ontological life coach Jeremy Walker invites us to try on a new way of seeing life’s challenges as gifts in disguise and opportunities for our individual and collective evolution. Through the lens of Polarity Thinking, we may discover how either-or thinking has caused us to become trapped in a vicious cycle,¬†often unconsciously. The good news is that if we’re willing to learn a new way, both-and thinking can reveal the wisdom needed to activate a virtuous cycle and rise above life’s most paradoxical problems that once seemed unsolvable. For example, navigate imposter syndrome by leveraging the polarity of Confidence AND Humility. Raise well-rounded children by leveraging the polarity of Support AND Challenge. Create powerful art or music by leveraging the polarity of Planned AND Emergent. Evolve the society of tomorrow by leveraging the polarity of Justice AND Mercy. Polarities are everywhere and you are already a student on this path! In this workshop, participants will identify polarities relevant to their own lives and will learn to use a tool called Polarity Mapping to discover new ways of navigating their life challenges. Come and learn to experience for yourself what Albert Einstein was referring to when he said “you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it”. Your next level of thinking awaits!

Workshop at MEADOW on Discord
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Workshop run time: 1 hour +
***Please arrive to the discord channel a few minutes early, and with your mic muted, it is best only to unmute once the host requests it.