Share a Photo: Blue Skies Through Your Eyes over 50 Years!

August 1, 2021, 3:00 pm

A Blue Skies 50th Kickstarter Workshop – Host: Jake Morrison

We are collecting photos for a compilation book celebrating 50 years of Blue Skies.
Bring your favourite three images from Blue Skies and share the stories behind them, or simply come enjoy some beautiful Blue Skies photography.

Photos can be sent ahead of time to

Share stories, photos, art, ideas.

Anything you want to share, to help us celebrate the upcoming anniversary…. Join, click, share!!

See you there!

This workshop will be hosted on Discord in the HILLTOP channel.
Workshop in Hilltop on Discord

To learn more about creating an account and joining the Blue Skies server on Discord, visit the Help page
Discord Help

Workshop run time: 1 hour
***Please arrive to the discord channel a few minutes early, and with your mic muted, it is best only to unmute once the host requests it.