Getting Ready for Blue Skies 50th!

50 Years of Blue Skies

Blue Skies 50th Anniversary logo

Is it a semi-centennial? Or a demi-centennial? Or maybe a hemi-centennial?

Whatever it is, it’s Blue Skies 50 and it’s coming up fast. In 2023 we’ll be celebrating 50 years of Blue Skies and we’re not going to let that slip by quietly. Time to raise a hoopla.

Here’s what is happening so far.

-Virtual Festival Workshops-

Six Word Stories: Blue Skies in 6 Wonderful Words. 
Saturday July 31st at 3:00 PM
A Blue Skies 50th Kickstarter Workshop – Host: Erica Brown
How much can you say about the Blue Skies experience in 6 little words?
Join us in capturing the magic of Blue Skies in a few crafted words. The most
enchanting amongst our creations may even appear in the 50th Anniversary
book. Write on!

Share a Photo: Blue Skies Through Your Eyes
Sunday August 1st at 3:00 PM
A Blue Skies 50th Kickstarter Workshop – Host: Jake Morrison

We are collecting photos for a compilation book celebrating 50 years of Blue
Bring your favourite three images from Blue Skies and share the stories behind
them, or simply come enjoy some beautiful Blue Skies photography.
Photos can be sent ahead of time to

Share On Discord
Join us in the discord chat.
Share stories, photos, art, ideas.
Anything you want to share, to help us celebrate the upcoming anniversary….
Join, click, share!!

Re-publishing the 25th Anniversary book “Nothing But Blue Skies”

25th Anniversary Book Cover
If you didn’t get a Blue Skies 25th Anniversary book the first time or if you want another copy, we will be reprinting the original book this fall and are taking pre-orders.

Pre-order the re-print of your 25th Anniversary book today

New 50 Years book and film

We’re talking about a Blue Skies 50th book and, if circumstances allow, a new Blue Skies film. A few other notions have been bounced around too. If we’re going to make this all happen, we’ll need your help. We need your memories, stories, works of art, photos, poems, random musings, energy, cha cha cha. In these bizarre times, wouldn’t it be nice to add a Blue Skies focus to your life?


We need volunteers to assist with the various projects. If you have the time – and ideas – we’d love to have you join us on this wonderful project.

If you can help, have any submissions for the new book or want any further information, please e-mail them to:

Let’s get together and make the Blue Skies 50 shine!

50 years of music and community