How to: the Blue Skies Virtual 2021 Festival.

  1. 2021 Blue Skies Program Check out the Program:
    Each title has a link to an event, either concert or workshop, information page. By the time the festival starts on July 30 there will be a link on each event!
  2. Main Stage Concerts and most Workshops will appear on YouTube either as a live event (as is the case with the main stage events) or as a pre-recorded video. If you can’t make it to the live events during the weekend, don’t worry! The performances will be recorded and available on the Blue Skies Youtube page afterwards as well.
  3. Discord is also a community site for text, audio and video interactions. Blue Skies Festival has it’s own ‘virtual festival grounds’, with different chat rooms that represent different areas of the festival. Discord is a great place to reconnect with Blue Skies friends in real time, and will be moderated by volunteers over the festival weekend who will make sure that everyone is having a good time, and has the technical help they need. If you are interested in participating on Discord, we highly recommend that you introduce yourself to the App by downloading it and making an account before the festival weekend. It’s free!
  4. New Video! “How to use Discord at the festival
  5. Download the Discord app
  6. Go to Blue Skies on Discord



The Blue Skies Discord Channel is designed to reflect the earthbound Blue Skies site. Workshops and the Parade and some pop up events by the Blue Skies creative people will go on. Anyone can join for free! Here’s what you can do on Discord
In Discord you will find chatrooms named after Blue Skies hot spots and camping areas, like Magooville, Info booth…

Blue Skies is a family friendly festival, please treat each other kindly and with respect. While Blue Skies is a friendly place, we must keep in mind that this is the internet after all, please hangout with your kids. If you are concerned about your safety Discord has options to keep your DMs clean and prevent any unwarranted surprises at bay.

Discord will be moderated during certain high traffic festival times. Workshops will also be moderated. You can ask moderators for help – you’ll find volunteer Moderators by texting @Moderator in the Discord chat.
See also How to find a Moderator on Discord

Some of us have found Discord to be unstable for video if your internet service is not so fast, but voice and text chatting is possible, as is sharing pictures and online games. If you are having trouble figuring any of it out before the festival weekend, feel free to send an email to and she will try and send help your way A.S.A.P.!

Discord is free – but you need to set up an account. We suggest you take some time to go to the browser version or download the App to your phone or computer and play with it for a while.

Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

How to Install Discord

Discord Tutorial Link

The Interface aka What’s that button?

A guide to Discord

Discord Help pages

If you’ve tried with no success you can contact:

– 647-532-7614
– Willow_Althea_Weber#4102 (Discord Name)

– Jake_Roels#0401 (Discord Name)

– Anakin (Discord Name)


A Live broadcast with Magoo as MC and Mainstage Performers on the BlueSkies YouTube channel

You can sit back and watch with or without chit chat in the chat window.

Campfire jam and Open Stage videos that Blue Skies friends and musicians have contributed, you can too!  Upload your video to YouTube. Use the #hashtags #Blueskies2021Campfire or #Blueskies2021OpenStage when you upload your video. More info

No one needs to have an account on Youtube to be able to go to the website and watch the show, but if you’d like to subscribe to the channel, save playlists, or comment on videos you’ll need a Google Gmail account. This is an easy process, but if you’d like some guidance here’s a helpful link to a page that covers all sorts of youtube tutorials.

Youtube Live instructions

Youtube Tutorials Link