How to find a Moderator on Discord

Discord will be moderated during certain high traffic festival times. During these times you can ask for help from moderators and receive one on one assistance.

The mods are there to make sure that things are going smoothly and kindly. If you have a technical problem, please try troubleshooting with the information already provided before contacting a mod.

Moderators are Blue Skies volunteers who will be on Discord to help you out with questions or assistance</p

In case a conversation gets hinky or you feel uncomfortable about the direction a conversation is going. Blue Skies is a family friendly festival, please treat each other kindly and with respect.

If you need help there are a few ways to contact a moderator on Discord:

1. @Moderator
If you want to flag a moderator in the discussion. You can type @Moderator and anyone with the Moderator role will get a notification that directs them to the chat window where you typed in @Moderator. This discussion with the Moderator will happen in text/voice/video channel from which you flagged the Moderator (@Moderator).
2. @ModeratorName (specific moderator)
For a private message with a Moderator you can ‘Direct Message’ a private message @ them specifically with: @ModeratorName.
You can find the Moderators in the Members List displayed on the right hand side of the Discord window. If you can’t see the names of the people in the community, then click on the little people button at the top right corner.

Buttons at the top right of the Discord Screen.

That Members pane will show you everyone who is a member of the Blue Skies 2021 Discord community. Moderators names are blue.
3. Start a private conversation/ direct message
you can Direct Message a private message by clicking on their name and selecting the ‘message’ option or @ them specifically with: @ModeratorName.

You direct messages are stored in the Inbox next to the Help button in the upper right corner of the screen.The Discord inbox

The Question Mark takes you to the Discord help website.